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1 Room, 1 Adult

Murder Mystery Nights

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel would like to introduce you to our Murder Mystery Nights. Over the course of the evening, you’ll get the chance to investigate some unusual happenings and try to identify the murderer!


Murder Mystery - Saturday 27th January

The Christmas Card Company (Optional Costume – Pantomime Characters)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

The Rothwell Greetings Card Company is holding their Annual Christmas Fancy Dress Party and you are all invited. It is a double celebration as this year sales have exceeded all expectations and there have been some very healthy bonuses indeed!

Not everybody has the Christmas spirit though.   Who isn’t pleased that the company has done so well this year? Has someone got different ambitions – and would this be reason enough to kill


Murder Mystery – Friday 16th February

Blind Date in Venice (Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

10 years ago "Blind Date in Venice" became the most successful romantic comedy film ever, and starred Chloe Carlysle and Drake Sullivan. Chloe has not made a film since and in an attempt to resurrect her career she has arranged this romantic weekend/ evening for people in love and for people who want to fall in love.  Chloe will also be signing copies of her autobiography at the bash. Has she revealed any kiss and tell secrets? Could this lead to temptation, jealousy, heartbreak and murder?


Murder Mystery – Friday 23rd March

Parent Teachers Association (Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

It is Framely Village School AGM. Due to lack of attendance at the last few AGMs the governors have decided to hold the meeting in conjunction with a dinner. But who is using the PTA for nefarious purposes? What goes on behind closed doors AFTER the meetings? And would anyone kill to protect the good name of the school?


Murder Mystery – Friday 20th April

50 Shades of Murder (Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

Dominic Harker is a highly successful businessman. Self-made millionaire and all that. Dom's work takes him all around the world where he hob nobs with celebrities, politicians, journalists etc. This weekend he is launching his latest product - said to be a revolutionary piece of software that will take the world by storm. And this is your invitation to attend this extravagant event. But are the rumours about a new attractive young girl in his life true? Is anybody envious and resentful of his money and his lifestyle? And would somebody kill because of this jealousy?


Murder Mystery – Friday 1st June

‘The Marriage of Vanessa’ (Optional Costume – 1940s)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

Vanessa Tobin lost her husband Gary during the war, but it is now 1945 and the war is finally over. Has she really found true love in dashing hero Captain Sam Hill? We have all been invited to the wedding reception to celebrate with her but who may be jealous of this match and who has been telling terrible lies?


Murder Mystery – Friday 31st August

‘A Spectre Calls’ (Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

Tonight is the will reading of Clara Mallender known to all as 'Auntie Clara.' Clara, a widow, died of a heart attack three months ago shortly after her 70th birthday party and tonight is the occasion of her will reading.

Her family are gathered to listen eagerly to the contents of her will along with her housekeeper and her long-time friend, solicitor and medium, Ashley Palmer, and Oh! yes... Clara herself!!!


Murder Mystery – Friday 2nd November 

‘The Night Stalkers Journal’ (Optional Costume –Ghosts, Vampires etc)

£32.00 per person to include a 3-course meal with coffee

A journal has been found in the cellars of Hockton Hall. It apparently details the chilling account of one man’s hunt for a Vampire. Written many years ago the find has caused a lot of excitement. Kelvin Smith a noted parapsychologist is the guest of honour tonight at a special dinner of paranormal investigators where no doubt the main topic of discussion will be the journal. Should Kelvin be careful of what he says and who he speaks to? What are the causes of the mysterious deaths at Hockton Hall?

Please contact Becky our Events Co-ordinator for more information and to book your place on 01905 24308.


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