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The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel would like to introduce you to our Murder Mystery Nights. Over the course of the evening you’ll get the chance to investigate some unusual happenings and try to identify the murderer! 


Revel in an evening of mystery, intrigue, suspense and murder! Enjoy good food whilst professional actors entertain you, a great night out in the heart of the city.

Join us from 7.30pm and enjoy a 3-course dinner & coffee at 8.00pm.

  • Thursday 14th December - KRIS MASS - Strawberry Productions are celebrating a hit this Christmas with their cartoon, Kris Mass - The Elf Who Saves Christmas. Kris who along with one of Santa’s reindeer, Rooftop Dancer, rescues Santa Claus after he has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Dark who wants to spoil Christmas for millions of children. The film has been a huge hit and Strawberry Productions are holding a number of celebratory parties throughout the country to thank their many public and private investors who backed the film. So come along, dress up in Christmas style and join the cast and crew in the celebrations! However, this may be the season of goodwill to all men but all is not sweetness and light. It may be winter outside but the atmosphere inside is deathly cold!
  • Thursday 21st December - WHO SAW SOMEONE KILLING SANTA CLAUS? - Benton’s Department Store is having a Christmas party to celebrate owner Arthur Benton’s birthday, which incidentally, is on Christmas Day. Arthur always likes to throw a lavish party and hand around gifts to all his staff but tonight is an extra special night! Arthur intends to make an announcement that may cause an almighty shock! Will everyone react the same way? Just what is Arthur about to reveal? Is there somebody who will stop at nothing to keep things quiet? Has someone got a secret to hide? Christmas may never be the same again. 
  • Saturday 27 January 2018 - THE CHRISTMAS CARD COMPANY - The Rothwell Greetings Card Company is holding their annual Christmas fancy dress party and you are all invited. It is a double celebration as this year sales have exceeded all expectations and there have been some very healthy bonuses indeed! Not everybody has the Christmas spirit though. Who isn’t pleased that the company has done so well this year? Has someone got different ambitions – and would this be reason enough to kill?

Please contact Becky our Events Co-ordinator for more information and to book your place on 01905 24308.

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